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Natalie Cilliers

Being a physiotherapist is more than just treating the condition, it is really about giving hope to patients. Chronic pain is disabling and the fact that we can provide people with means to improve their pain, forms the basis of my profession. I treasure the fact that I can truly help my patients. If this takes more than just the average consultation and treatment Ė so be it!  I have a passion for the science behind physiotherapy and the diagnosis of difficult conditions. I love my patients, I love my job. 

                          Catherine Ester Francis du Plessis


Physiotherapy is more than just a job or profession to me; itís a way of life. A constant search for the best evidence based and patient orientated treatment methods and techniques to suit every individual. Physiotherapy has really become one of my biggest passions in life, teaching me new things daily. Each and every patient has a life story and I feel privileged be become part of that story. I enjoy the challenge that come with every new diagnosis and finding the source of the problem. Physiotherapy isnít what I do anymore, it's who I am.

                              Nicole Scott


I qualifies as a Physiotherapist at UCT in 2011 and have loved every day of being in the profession. I count myself lucky to be able to help people with their journey to recovery and achieving goals on a daily basis. My special interest lies in the treatment of neuromuscularskeletal conditions, whether it be back/neck pain, sports injuries, post-operative rehab or chronic pain (just to name a few). I believe in follwoing a holistic approach and strive to help each and every one of my patients.​​​​​​​

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