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Testimonial by Arina du Toit Ė Headaches and neck pain

I am a 53 year old female who had a neck Fusion (after car accident injury many years ago) and have developed stiffness, mobility restriction and severe headaches during the last few years (post-operation).

Physiotherapy has proven to be the only treatment to give me relief of above mentioned ailments.

I have had the privilege to be treated by Natalie Cilliers. Her approach and treatment skills are simply superior to any other physiotherapist (and I have had many) I have encountered. I can really recommend her highly to anyone who suffers from neck pain and stiffness. She is genuinely concerned about her patientís wellbeing and her treatment has proven to be most successful. To find such a medical professional who really cares about her patientís holistic health and quality of life was refreshing and most beneficial to my physical and mental wellbeing.

I can highly recommend her as both a Medical professional and a caring human being. The combination is simply brilliant.

Testimonial by Suzanne Himely - Ankle Replacement.

After a fairly rare operation to replace my ankle due to severe arthritis, I was transferred to the Helen Zille Wing of the Palm Gardens Retreat in Sea Point for 2 weeks post operative recovery. I had been advised by my surgeon that recovery was a very slow process and my mobility would depend on how much effort I put in. At the time my ankle was excessively swollen, very painful and there was no movement in the joint. I was transported in a wheelchair and used crutches for a very short distance.

Shortly after my arrival I was called on by the NCA physiotherapists, Natalie and Nicole, who looked at my ankle and carefully explained what process we needed to go through to get me mobile again without any crutches or other support.

I had daily visits during which time the physiotherapists massaged my ankle and muscles and started doing easy exercises with me. They encouraged me to continue doing the exercises regularly on my own. Through the two weeks we progressed from me being able to walk just a couple of steps with crutches to being able to walk short distances inside then outside the building.

Once I left the care centre we carried on with regular visits over the next couple of months during which time new exercises were introduced and the benefits explained to me. The mobility in my ankle continued to improve to the point where I only required monthly assessment sessions.

5 months later I am now very mobile, although some stiffness on the joint is still requiring daily exercise. I can walk quite a long way, I drive a manual car, I exercise on my home bike and am very confident that I will get full mobility within the next 6 months.

At all times during my treatment I was treated in a highly professional manner with great care, sensitivity and patience. I felt that the physiotherapists knew what the right type of exercises was required and showed me how to do them so that I could do the same exercises on my own. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending their services, apart from their excellent professional care I found them most supportive, friendly and obliging and I know that my physical improvement is a direct result of their treatment.


Suzanne Himely

Testimonial by Sheila - Chronic Back Pain

Hi Natalie 

I just want to thank you once again for your wonderful treatment of me when I had terrible pain in my leg and lower back.

I suffered for 6 months, not being able to put any pressure on my leg and was in constant pain. Your diagnosis of my problem was immediate and after a few weeks I was on the mend, and after having further treatments with you and doing the exercises you suggested, I am completely cured and have not suffered any pain since.

You are so caring, so professional, which made me look forward to every visit knowing that I would come away feeling relief from the pain and totally relaxed.

I also want to thank you for your compassion and understanding while treating my husband, Ivan, who is suffering from dementia and yet you make him feel like a million dollars!!

Thank you for everything you do for us and we wish you every success.

Kind regards

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